8.46% Open Rate, 2.86% Click Rate in Thailand Closed Community Fashion Sales

My previous post around email marketing in Thailand about Benchmark Email Marketing Fashion Industry Thailand revolved around the open rate providing a summarized data in line of weekly and hourly performance. It is very interesting to see some trends in terms of total email being sent against the open rate and click rate.

The graph below presents the scenario on the way total email influence click and open behavior of the email.
A very interesting insight that could be seen extracted from the graph below; both clicks and opens remains stable although the number of emails being sent are seen decreasing. It is one odd day where there were tons of clicks seen and on the similar day total unsubscribe trend is seen increasing. The trend continues in the similar pattern. And after 13 days it is seen increasing. Based on the chart below there are two action item the email marketing tea should start digging into.
1. Why the unsubscribe trend is seen increasing?
2. Type of promo served to the audience?

Based on the total unsubscribe trend increasing it is very important to do a quick check if there is a sudden increase in the bounce rate. The email being sent to the audience might not hit the mailbox if the headline and/or the content of the email are not balanced. The email system would consider it a spam and this could lead towards the email either being sent to spam box or it is bouncing off from the email delivery system responsible for dispatching image.

As a rule of thumb it is best approach to segment the audience mainly not seen opening the email. Segment these audience to deliver email either weekly and followed by monthly and later completely opt these audience out of the email list.

The above suggestion of segmentation would keep your email in the good books of email agent. Also, it will help you uplift the Opens and Clicks. A healthy click rate and open rate will keep you achieve better conversion.

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5% most viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012!

5% most viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012!

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