PPC (Pay Per Click) and Its Evolution

Cost Per Click an online marketing model which was started in the year 1998 by Omniture currently owned by Yahoo. Google then during 1999 started its first baby step which was soon to become the leader in Cost per Click model. It was not until October 2000 the Google Adwords an online marketing tool hit the online arena. The model was real simple provide relevant result based on the users search terms. It created an ecosystem which carved the path of advertising in modern way over the internet. However a true Pay Per Click (PPC) started in the year 2002 earlier than the advertisers were charged based on Costs per 1000 Impressions. It is now 2010 and in past 10 years a small baby Cost Per Click is taking a giant step and modeling in a Pay Per Click real-time auction. Learn more from - PPC Wiki

This brief note gives us an idea how new this platform is and how fast it is indeed growing. Online advertisement using Pay Per Click models is not limited to Search Engines but also includes search networks, content networks and even image networks. These mode of online advertisement can play huge impact in brand building. Recognition and brand presence in ll the form of online arena can play a dynamic uplift in reaching the goal. The importance of SEO lies in its own basket, it more or less practice about fresh content and even real-time content. Too much of competition and only 10 spots are available in the resultant search engine page. A constant update to lie in top spots in the form of organic search through SEO will certainly pay of but it would require investment of time and energy. And in the end losing valuable goal.

Organic Search Result

Image Search Result

A true online company highly engaged in E-business would prefer and is a must to have a real target marketing to reach out its users via Pay Per Click. The sole purpose of them getting engaged in online marketing arena is to provide more relevant information and be present to serve the audience. Marketing is an investment and every penny spend on these marketing efforts can yield a good result. Having a right product can play a huge impact but having a right product without a proper marketing is of no use. Purpose of every marketing campaign could be different one might be for acquiring consumer another might be to create a buzz no matter what the ultimate goal could be there is a need of marketing. And when it comes to online marketing PPC comes in everyone mind. 

PPC if done properly it can play a vital role in uplifting the need of business. There are various core metrics to be understood when one gets engaged in PPC. Search results are common terms which are also referred as search queries. This is a medium of input when the user feeds its query. The resultant output would trigger the ads and hence comes into action would be metrics associated with Pay Per Clicks. There are metrics which are named as Impressions, Clicks, Costs, Conversions, CPC and so on.

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