PPC Metrics Benchmarking Conversion Rate with Industry Standards

With the right combination of keywords and creative would help the site convert the visitors into customers. Retaining the visitors and growing the business is another integral part of PPC. As for every dollar spend measurement and optimization is always critical to hit the goal. In the end it is always a best practice to benchmark the conversion rate within the vertical the business is competing.

Conversion Rare (%)
Specialty Stores
Home and Furnishing
All verticals
Source: Fireclick Index

Conversion is not only the factor of Clicks and Impression but there are other external factor along with the product, presentation of information and  pricing policy.
But it is always essential to benchmark the conversion rate with the market standard. It is wise to attract visitors and to keep increasing the clicks but the conversion rate should not follow a downwards trend. It is always a best practice to check over the quality of traffic and kil those non-converting traffic sources. Optimization is a vital source to improve the performance of the campaign.

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PPC Reporting: A quick information on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quartelry PPC reporting

Reports are vital for any kind of business either be offline or online. Various reports would have various needs and to carter these needs a daily, weekly or monthly reports could be considered vital. PPC reports are vital for every advertisers and these reports are a must. Some common report which needs to be prepared to measure the performance and also optimizing the campaigns. A guide over Daily, Weekly and Monthly report are discussed below.

Daily Report – A daily checks should be done over the budget and spend. A sanity check over the spending is a must so as to check there is no sudden spike over the spend. Other major KPIs should not be ignored like Avg. Pos, Clicks, Conversions etc.

Weekly Report – This would refer as Week-Over-Week comparison of factors which is best represented in graphical manner which is easy to understand. It would now depend on the size of advertiser to present the result in account, campaign, adgroup or keyword level. It is often wise to consider the offer message (AdCopy)n which brought resulted into conversion.

Monthly Report – The overall performance of PPC over the month with a comparative analysis over the last month and same year last month should be expected. It is best viewed in a trend chart and index view highlighting major KPIs and achievement over the target set.

Quarterly Report - These reports are the measurement of performance for which the KPIs were set. For instance if the KPIs were set over Gross Contribution it would be wise to do a comparative analysis over the quarter. Moreover a comparative analysis lat year vs this year over the percentage growth highlights could give a visibility over the yearly growth over the quarter result.  

The metrics to be reported would now depends on the KPIs and goal which would differ over business.

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