Google Instant and its impact on PPC - Google Adwords?

Google instant, has redefined the way we search. As we type along suggestions are made by the system, it is indeed helpful and people would tend to rely on the suggestions being provided in the search box. This lead towards less thinking and influence the query as per the suggestion made by Google instant. The main advantage of Google Instant is that there would be less new query and it would also reduce 30-90 seconds typing and  2 to 5 seconds per search. There are 20% new queries seen coming every month and these new queries are search terms which Google system had never recorded.

Google instant also gives the feeling towards he death of long tail keywords. The death of long tail keywords would mean that more competition in popular terms overall increasing the CPC. The google instant also gives the feeling of death of SEO. Well, it won't be a total death but rather an intense competition over the popular query terms.

As we are moving towards an instant era of search engine, the results are displayed in the search box and the resultant page changes instantly. One important thing to note for Adowrds advertiser is that as the user types, the suggestion are placed in the search box. If the user stops typing for more than 3 seconds those partial query displayed in the search box in grey color are the terms that would appear on the Search Quer Results (SQR).

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