Remarketing - Convert Repeat Visitors into Customers

Visitors landing on the site are those who are interested in the products and posses more probability to convert as compared to those who have never visited the site. A visitor leaving the site without any transaction is missed opportunity and as the saying goes "everybody deserves a second chance". Remarketing has brought the new concept of targeting those visitors who had earlier been to the page and had left without transaction.

How Remarketing Works?
Once opted to run campaign as remarketing, Google implants cookies on every visitor those who left the site without any transaction. The length of these cookies could be upto 540 days. A proper campaign targeting should be implemented considering the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of the page where the visitor departed. Both inbound and outbound metrics are to be considered in order to run a successful remarketing campaign. Once the campaigns are set properly ensure the text Ads, images or rather call it as offers being shown to these visitors are lucrative to ensure clicks converting into conversion.

Opting to run in a remarketing would require creation of audience. Three basic type of audience to be considered could be -

  • General Visitors
  • Visitors Abondning the transaction cart
  • Visitors who left didn't enter the transaction cart
Audience creation could be one step towards a successful remarketing campaign but it should also be followed by a lucrative and more impressive creative. Offering discount and using the terms like we missed you, or even the cart is missing you could be certain creatives which are useful. Think out of the box as those visitors who left the site once they were towards their final step of committing transaction is crucial for every industry. Successfully converting even 0.25% of those visitors who left the shopping cart could improve the conversion rate. Targeting visitor for the first 30 days with different Adgroup and later serving them with another AdGroup is also an acceptable option.

In a nutshell, remarketing is a mixture of converting a missed visitor into a customer with a strategic plan, a mindful approach,  targeting the campaigns and delivering a lucrative Ads such that every dollar spend on the remarketing would result into a successful marketing campaign.

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