Advertiser Wishlist - Combination of Search Query Performance and Geographic Performance Report

A combination of Search Query Performance Report (SQR) and Geographic Performance Report could provide an insight about the type of queries which are being triggered in a Country/Territory, City and Regional view of Keywords triggering impression and clicks. This combined approach could then guide any advertiser to open a separate campaign and target specifically the region and type of keywords.

Unfortunately at the moment we do not get these kind of reports but rather a separate report to check the Search Query Report and Geographical Performance Report. The workaround could be separating the campaigns and targeting them separately but this is not enough to see granular view of query data. The hidden information on how many clicks each of these keywords are being triggered in each region could help advertiser not only target the campaign but also lead towards classifying the marketing 3Ps (Product, Price and Promotion) separately.

If the optimization of keywords are being done with the aid of SQR and we are not considering the origin of the clicks than removing a country/territory, city and region than we are making a biased decision and are rather cutting off keywords considering the entire campaign. This is true for those advertiser whose Campaign are targeting multiple country at a time. Thinking out of the box, one campaign per country targeting is essential but than this would lead towards a massive change over the account and campaign structure. Hopefully, these kinds of services are available in the future, hence my wish list for Search Query Performance (SQR) and Geo Performance Report would hit the top of my request.

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