Improving Lost Impression Share Lost due to Budget or Ad Rank

Impression share is a metrics which could be seen at Campaign level. It represents the percentage of time ads were shown out of total impression accrued in the same target market. These loss in impression share could be either due to less budget or due to quality score result rank lost. The lost in impression share means missing opportunity. Sadly impression share metrics is only available at Campaign level, it would be great to see the impression share metrics at adgroup and keyword level. Having impression share metrics at adgroup level would allow us to view the actually opportunity lost for each adgroup.

IS Lost (Budget): The budget for the Campaign is to be set to an amount which does not ends within few hours of the day. This will result not to run the ad as a result of lack of budget. This one is relatively straight forward to fix, increase the budget and let the Ads run all along the day and night. Lost in impression share due to budget for small advertisers could be common. Yes, it is well understood that there is budget restriction for every advertiser. It would be wise to analyze the conversion in the hour of the day and peak traffic hours. Once these hours are noted, it is recommended to run the campaign on scheduled hours.

IS Lost (Rank): This is a tricky one, lost in Rank would be mainly due to lower CPC and lower quality score. This lost in impression share due to AdRank means improving the Quality Score and increasing the bid for the keyword.

How do we Improve Rank/Position?
Rank or Position could be improved by improving quality score and placing CPC above first page CPC. The broad match would trigger tons of query and these query terms are not always being bought. To improve impression share a regular SQR needs to be done

A question would then arise why do we need to do SQR to improve Quality Score? 
There are vaious query terms which comes into an auction these query terms are relevant terms and there could be an intense competition over these query terms. Buying them as exact match would allow us to place different bid and hence appearing in the search results.

For Instance -
My broad match term - buy books online in bangkok  this keyword broad match would also have tendency to capture query like - books online bangkok. The competition for the books online bangkok could be high and the bid placed for the broad term which triggered this query would would lead towards display the ad not in the first page. It might be due to quality score which would make us think if there is need of preparing a new landing page or a new campaign to target these keywords separately.

Hence review over SQR should be done either to include these search terms as keywords or permanently exclude them by adding as a negative exact. This would lead towards improving the ad rank and capturing the lost IS due to rank. Before the work over improving impression share is started, it is a good practice to store the current lost IS due to rank and position, and all other PPC metrics and consider it as a benchmark. And after commencement of lost IS work wait for at least two weeks to measure the results.

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