Optimizing Campaign Using Geographic Performance Report

Geographic Performance Reports provides valuable information of the origin of clicks. There are various way optimization over the campaign can be done. Either by optimizing the keywords, adgroups or even by reviewing the CPC bid. These bid optimization could lead towards slashing down average position or reducing traffic by pausing keywords or Adgroups.This could be ideal traditional way of fine tuning campaign. But one vital source information is not considered by various advertiser when it comes to campaign optimization i.e. fine tuning Campaign with the aid of Geographical origin of Click.

Geographic Performance Report is one of the most efficient way of optimizing Campaign. This report provides the actual origin of the Clicks from Country, Region, Metro, and City. This report could be drilled down upto Adgroup level. This report is available in the Google Analytics but for those advertisers not opted into Google Analytics, Google Adwords Geographic Performance Report could be accessed from Client Report at MCC level and inside a Campaign at dimension tab. This report should be utilized efficiently to re-target the location.

For Instance -
An account in language English having various location target would result clicks and impression being generated from various location. It is wise to take a look at the Geographic Performance Report and optimize the campaign such that those Clicks origin from places which are not resulting into conversion  could be removed from the location targetting. These extra dollars spend could then be placed into those places where the campaign is driving conversion. 

Geographic Performance Report does not include the Average position and Quality Score it arguably should not be considered as the most important metrics while reviewing for Origin of Clicks to fine tune campaign. If there is enough clicks and impression present to make decision the average positions and quality score would not be vital as it is out of necessity to cut off those location which are not performing.
Note: If the data is compared from Geographic Performance Report vs Actual Campaign the stats would not be exactly the same. Please note that only placements with negligible number impressions (not clicks) per day may be excluded.

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