Search Funnel Redfines Keyword Strategy

Search funnel is an insight over the consumer clicks to conversion cycle. Every consumer landing on the page for the first time is unlikely to purchase or commit transaction. Every buying process cycle goes through a phase of research, compare, evaluate or decision making and purchase. These research to purchase phase are vital for every business and for every advertiser it is a must to be present during the entire cycle of research to purchase.

Every advertisers would take a look at Search Query Report and start optimizing its Campaign, Adgroup such that the keywords being triggered are well targeted. Now, in the process of improving the performance of the Adgroup as a rule of thumb we tend to place search query terms as negative. Let us try visualizing this as an example:

Supposing, the advertiser is in the business of selling air tickets to be more specific selling air tickets in Bangkok. Structure of the Campaign are as below.

Campaign Name: 
  • Thailand Air Ticket
Adgroup Name: 
  • Bangkok Air Ticket
  • bangkok air ticket
  • air ticket bangkok
  • book air ticket bangkok
  • online ticket bangkok
  • purchase bangkok ticket
  • reserve bangkok ticket
Now, looking at above examples these broad match have tendency to trigger the terms bangkok, air ticket and so on. Ancient approach would be to kill all those keywords which are too generic and are not performing at all. So my first thought would be to add the term bangkok as exact negative. The question should be am i doing right? A traditional answer would yes, correct this is the right approach. If viewed from Search Funnel eyes we should redefine our way of adding negatives or classifying the keyword strategy.Those keywords which are not performing could be assisting keywords and are vital during the purchase cycle.

Keywords Relationship - Search Funnel - Purchase Cycle

There is relationship between keywords and these relationship are made more clear if we view it via search funnel. In every stage of purchase cycle generic terms, head terms and long tail terms plays a vita role. Before we proceed on permanently cutting off traffic we should make a strategic decision. If these terms are generic terms or head terms or long tail terms we might want to re-categorize our campaign and adgroup to prepare a proper adtext to target our users.

Overall Search funnel redefines the way we think about keywords, our bidding strategy and negative keywords strategy. There are keywords which help assist the purchase and killing those keywords could impact the performance of the adgroup. Hence search funnel now could give a clear picture on which assisting keywords are needed an extra optimization to improve the performance of the adgroup.

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