Research Priceless Keywords to Improve Conversion

Keywords results into conversion and. every advertiser are always in the dilemma of researching the golden keywords. These golden keywords which could help improve conversion. There are various sources these keywords are available -

  • Search Based Keyword Tool (SKTool)
  • Search Query Reports (SQR)
  • Google Analytic (GA)
  • Blogs, E-mails and Product Reviews
Search Based Keyword Tool (SKTool) -
The tool helps generate those keywords from Title which are not present in the Adwords account for the selected domain. This tool also helps you find all the related search terms for a given keyword. The beauty of this tool lies in identifying the queries from, location with the amount of searches which the keyword is actually able to trigger along with its approximate Max CPC.

Search Based Keyword Tool
While I started this post, the SKTool has been migrated to a new location, however the functionality has remained and even been improved. A new section to choose category and include and exclude terms are additional option available for users.

Search Query Reports (SQR) -
Another important golden mine for researching golden keywords would be Search Query Terms report. This is a perfect source to see what other keywords are  being searched are could be considered to be bought. A quick and fast way of buying these keywords could be by downloading all the Search Terms and filtering down those which has brought conversion and excluding those which are very generic. Best practice of using these search terms listed be classified as below -
  • Download all the Keywords or Search Terms, it is worth using at least 30 or more days data.
  • Check for all those keywords which have brought Conversions and add them.
  • Filter those keywords which brought tons of impression but no clicks, this would result into lowering the overall CTR and hence would impact the quality score.
  • All those keywords which brought tons of costs and no bookings might be worth considering to add as an exact negative. Having said that it is always good to check the landing page, if it is working or is not and also the product if it is not out of stock.

Google Analytic -
It is one of the source which does not only relies on Google but various other search engine. The keywords which brings traffic from different sources could be considered to be bought in paid campaigns.Not every company considers advertising over all the search engine. But visitors do land up in our website via means of different search engine. Those keywords which results into goals are the keywords which we shouldn't be missing in our advertising platform. Digging these keywords is straight forward. Take a look in analytic where the keywords have conversion. With the aid of SQL query it is possible to remove duplicate keywords such that unique converting keywords could be bought in the Google Adwords.

Blogs, E-mails and Product Reviews -
Making use of keyword density to identify those keywords which are with higher density. These keywords than could be considered to be posted in the Adwords.

Overall it is wise to make use of various sources to consider different keywords. More keywords the merrier it is. The hidden golden keywords are vital to improve the performance of the campaign, it could be bought as either positive or negative.

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