Google Adwords - Different Types of Reports and its Use

Google Adwords provides various kind of reports which are available under the dimensions Tab. These Reports are available under a drop down menu and are namely -

  • Day of the week
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year
  • Hour of day
  • Destination URL
  • Conversion Tracking purpose
  • Conversion Action Name
  • Demographic
  • Geographic (Formerly: Geographic Performance Report)
  • Search Terms (Formerly: Search Query Report)
  • Automatic Placements

All these above reports are self explanatory and provides tons of insights. The Hourly report could be an interesting report to see the breakdown of traffic per hour. While the Geographic reports provides an excellent insights about the locations where most of the searches are coming from. 

A real life scenario about the Language and Location targeting which could be improved by making use of geographic report. A language targeting Spanish in every location of the world could give surprises. There ain't only Spain as a Spanish speaking country but many more. Before we set a language targeting Spanish worldwide a deep though should be placed if the inventory is available to serve other Spanish speaking country else the traffic would rise not only from Spain but country like Argentina, Mexico etc. It might be worth filtering out those Country and targeting them separately.

Search Term report is another fantastic report which could help improve the performance of the campaign. The broad terms might be triggering some generic query which in-return is dragging down the click through rate. It might also trigger some query which is worth filtering or adding as negative. Also to improve the performance it could be best to add those as positive keywords and bid specifically if they are bringing conversion. In short it is a report like a coal mine where we can not only find coals but hidden diamond.

Overall there are various reports available and each one of these provides information which could be used to dig information as per need.

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