Why PPC for Brand Term is a must?

Brand, Brand, Brand everyone is trying to build their brand. Be either offline or online. In this era online presence is a must. Building a website and developing a logo alone are not the only work. Having an online presence, investing on offline advertisement, affiliate marketing, email marketing, online marketing, media presence etc. are all the channel which is needed to build a brand. Building brand is a constant process.

On numerous occasion it is mentioned to advertisers - "Why do we need to do PPC on our Brand terms? We have our website and organic link would appear if people are looking for the brand terms".

It is always good to have your website present if the brand term is being searched. There isn't any guarantee that the searches being made is only the brand term but it could be combination of brand terms and competitors brand term. It could also be that the searches are being conducted as a long tail which would than result the organic search not to appear for long tail keywords. No visibility means lost of opportunity. Being in the market it is always necessary to mark the presence when the searches are being made. It is a must to be mark the presence when people are looking for you. This could be tackled easily with the help of PPC.

A common mistake which is seen widely in the company while a promotional campaign is being executed. All the efforts are than places in an offline arena completely ignoring the online market. This would result into not tapping those people which see the brand offline and conduct their research online. Having offline campaign on and no supportive online campaign would lead towards loss of opportunity or even worse allowing the affiliate to cash onto the efforts made offline. It is equally important to conduct both offline and online advertisement simultaneously. Although the offline conversion could be a macro conversion, other sources could be considered as micro conversion. Classifying the conversion into micro and macro conversion could overall change the picture the way a brand is perceived.

Brand strength is a long term investment. It is equally necessary to build the brand first and then protect the strong brand which you have. The brand equity is just like financial equity. The longer the brand is existing in the market the more it is able to leave the mark in the mind of audience. It may also start to blend with the culture as people trust the brand and love it as they grow with the brand. Building a new brand is difficult but not tapping the market when the searches are being made is worse. It is more or less of a crime against the fundamentals of brand building cycle.

How can one build the brand Online? The following areas are specifically available for online marketing

  • Online Search
  • Content Network
  • Image Searches
  • Re-marketing
  • Email Marketing
How can one utilize the data gathered from Brand? The metrics which would play a role in identifying the performance of how the brand is moving.
  • Impression on the Exact brand Term
  • Increment in Visitors
  • Visitors Loyalty  (Repeat Visitor)
  • Time spent on the site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Total Page Views

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