Keyword Insertion and Impact on Quality Score

Is it a myth or a proven fact that Keyword Insertion has a positive Impact on Quality Score? The answer to this question revolves around the Quality Score itself.

What is Quality Score?
For every query that is eligible to participate in an auction has a capability to triggers an ad. A Quality Score is than updated frequently and is a performance based. Quality Score is determined by following three criteria:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Relevance
  • Landing Page Quality
Now, coming back to our question earlier, does Keyword Insertion has a positive impact over the quality score. In-fact yes the quality score could have positive impact due to keyword insertion. The reason for this would be the Ad triggered by the keyword would enhance the Ad making it more relevant to the user hence probability of Ad receiving Click would be higher.

The two major criteria Click Through Rate and Ad relevancy is both met due to Keyword insertion. There are other external factor which shouldn't be ignored such as Landing page Quality, the bid and average position.

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