No Traffic Segmentation is a Crime Against Analysis

What the traffic data being gathered for the website is not being segmented? The data being viewed without segmentation is like not considering the the purpose of the traffic.  Every business should consider segmenting there visitors. Having segmentation allows a proper view of the purpose of traffic.

Certain things to be considered while viewing the data:

  • Top level performance: An overview of the major KPIs , its performance over X weekdays, % change and probability for the upcoming weekday. A Graphical representation on the effect over the main KPI which would provide an immediate view over the performance.
  • Secondary level: Break the Traffic in different segments and major its KPI compared with last weekday.
  • Third level: Consider the top 5 negatives and top 5 positive and further break down the Secondary Level data.
  • Fourth Level: Consider the origin of the data and keep the track of top changes or new entry among top 10.
Having segmented data would allow visualizing performance and dedicating the performance which could have impacted the overall performance. Also, it could be essential to concentrate on certain segment which is positively impacting the performance.

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