Price comparison in Google Organic Results is Available Now?

Is price comparison available on Google? The search query are returning pages with the hotel properties and its review along with an arrow which would display the prices. This could also be a test being conducted over the google search pages. It might possibly being done for a better user experience. It could be the user conducting research might also be interested to purchase the properties.

Google search results for the term "hotel budapest" is displaying price for hotels for the selected date range. The query triggered the hotels with review and and price. These results are being seen only for the organic search result. A small drop down beneath if clicked would display the starting rate in US$ and the website offering the property at that price. It also displayed the rate with tax in small letters.

We can't rule out the fact that price comparison in Google organic result could be a vital step for various website offering hotel products. This could also be the beginning of Google Travel (Hotel) MSE.

Price Comparison on Google Search Page - Search Query - "Hotel Budapest"

Price Comparison on Google Search Page - Search Query - "Hotel Bangkok"

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