View Through Conversion and its Advantage

View Through Conversion - Mostly when the campaign is running in CPM mode or if the Campaign is crafted for display advertisement, it is essential that there are two different metrics being reported. Actual conversion and View through Conversion.

Now, let us understand -  What is View Through Conversion?
Those people who are exposed via an advertisement which they actually saw during their research and purchase cycle. They might not actually click the advertisement but would later at certain period of their purchase cycle would commit their purchase via different advertisement or the same campaign. All those advertisement which they were exposed are in-fact view through conversion. And the advertisement  which they ad influence them to buy was actual conversion.

Advantage of tracking View Through Conversion -

  • Justifying those advertisement which have brought traffic and played a minor role in conversion. This metrics would than help re-define the marketing campaign.
  • Tracking visitor based on those people who had seen the ads and they who went forward to buy the product via different ad. These metrics wold help enhance the performance of the campaign.
  • Higher click through rate doesn't actually means they are ot performing, they might be part of view through conversion (micro-conversion).

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