Online Ad Spend by 2016 - Mobile, Display Advertising and Search Marketing Winner

Forrester Research revealed that by 2016 there will be 35% growth in the Ad Spend. It would become a $77 billion industry. The online industry would almost double by 2016 a massive growth of  85% from 2011 to 2016 (19% vs. 35%).

The Online Search trend is growing with a tremendous speed. Especially Mobile it is moving with a much faster speed. The AdSpend in Mobile would over take the combined AdSpend over Social Network and Email Marketing. The search trend is increasing in both Mobile, Tablets and handheld devices. The search trend is shifting in mobile with a tremendous speed. and it looks very promising as the will hit $8.2 Billion by the year 2016.

If the mobile arena is growing with a massive speed it would definetly capture the online marketing share resulting in the fall of other online marketing channel. The victim would be seen as Search. Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Social Media all are growing in a rapid pace. Although search would still be leader the $55 Billion AdSpend it is going to experience a massive -10% fall. (55% vs. 44%).

Another promising area which would see a growth is Dynamic Banner, this industry would be growing from $10.9 Billion industry to $27.6 Billion industry. The advertisers would enter in the competition of displaying their ads via means of Dynamic Banner. They would want to present every-time the searches are being made or someone is showing interest in the product. The stalking or  re-marketing would utilize these dynamic banner to a great extent. The blend of re-marketing and dynamic banner would be seen in a very extensive manner. The more segmentation the site would have the more granular stalking or re-marketing or re-targeting would occur. Majority of content network and even social network would start serving these dynamic banner.

Daily Deals would tend to decline as advanced technology and micro sites would start serving the deals and promo. Also, advertisers would tend to reach the consumer everytime they are online. Also, Social media would still tend to remain only $4 Billion AdSpend which is just 7%. 


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