360 Degree Advertising - Capturing Lost Visitor to Improve Conversion

Conversion Rate the metrics which makes every online markers thinking on how it can be improved. The basic fundamental A/B testing and various online marketing channel, design and templates are done on a yearly basis. However everyone forgets easily that we got to be present every-time consumer are searching for us.

In an online arena a Conversion Rate of 2% is considered as a minimum target but people easily forget that 98% of the people left the site. To capture these consumer who left a 360 degree marketing approach needs to be implemented.

How to approach the 360 Degree Advertising?

  • Branding: Brand Advertisement is a the most essential and the first step in an advertisement. It is the first mantra of online advertisement.
  • Display Advertising: Content Network Advertisement or Display Network: It is one of the second mantra of tapping untapped visitors. This will get a boost in the total visitor and it is advantageous as the CPC is less competitive.
  • Social Advertisement: One of the channel which is really important to engage visitors. These visitors would help spread the word with their tweet or online sharing.
  • Email Marketing: Now once all these channels are starting to drive traffic the most important task is to start reminding them via means of Email Marketing. 
  • Re-Marketing: Dropping cookies and capturing these visitors via means of Readvertising i.e. Remarketing is one of the last but most important step. Those visitors who came to the website are the visitors who are interested in the product which is being offered. These visitors are potential buyers and missing to provide the product information once they are in there process of researching is like missing the potential buyer. Hence re-marketing comes into play and it will ensure that the message is delivered to the visitor.
360 degree advertising could be approached wit the way of re-modelling the way online advertisement in being conducted. The model should be able to cover all the above mentioned advertising segments. These segments will allow capture every visitor who have visited the website and hence increase the chances of conversion.

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