Online Purchase made in Travel Industry - APAC Region

Online marketing in Travel industry is influenced by various factors like:
    • Seasonality, Economical Condition, Political Stability/Instability, Competitor Behavior, Online Ad Spend, News and Media Influence, etc.
Consumer behavior in travel industry vary from country to country hence it is important to study the market behavior before actively engaging online marketing. The country which a travel product seller must target in APAC region are listed below. Japanese national are purchasing travel products frequently this doesn't mean that Vietnamese and Indonesian national are to be ignored. There is abundant opportunity in those market as the competition would be less. Hence the products should be targeted not only based on the markets where the online purchase is frequent but also the right product should be available to target the travel market.

Please find below the  APAC region ranked based on travel purchase -

Rank Country
Rank Country
1 Japan - 73%
8 China - 46%
2 New Zealand - 71%
9  Philippines - 45%
3 Australia - 66%
10 Hongkong - 40%
4 Singapore - 62%
11 Thailand - 37%
5 Malaysia - 57%
12 India - 36%
6 Taiwan - 51%
13 Vietnam - 35%
7 Korea - 47%
14 Indonesia - 34%

The graph below represents the consumer purchase behavior for male and female in APAC region:
Overall in APAC region Female tends to buy more than Males. Female are more active travelers than male or let us put it another way around, Female are purchasing travel products more.
  • Females buyers are 49% while 

  • Male are 46%

  • Others 5%

If we take a look at a breakdown we will see that:

  • Females are active buyers of Travel products in the following regions:
    • AU, CN, HK, IN, ID, MY, NZ, PH, and TH
  • Male are active buyers of Travel products in the following regions:
  •  JP, KR, SG TW, and VN

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