Email Marketing in Fashion Industry Sample Report

In my earlier post in June 2011No Traffic Segmentation is a Crime Against Analysis the emphasis of data segmentation and a short overview on the things which are needed to consider was mentioned. Segmenting the data to view the performance of the site will always yield into new discovery. Having mentioned segmentation it is always necessary to consider the Email marketing channel. The segmentation is a must and it should always be always measured against its KPI. Every vertical should have a KPI, if the vertical is not measured against the KPI there must be something wrong with the vertical itself and it is worth completely deleting the vertical.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable vertical and a it should be measured against its KPI. The KPI for email could be:

  • Click Rate
  • Open Rate
  • Total Email Sent
  • Conversion Rate

It could be measured weekly and compared against prior week. The delta difference would give indicative number and percentage change would provide the measurement against the prior week.

It is also good to have other metrics summarized by weekday to analyze the result. The weekday summary would allow to target the sales on a weekday basis.

Please see below a sample weekly report:

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