Benchmark CPC and CTR in Thailand Online Shopping Marketplace

The average CPC for Online advertisement in a Fashion and Clothing industry would be around $0.09 with an average CTR of 0.15%. The campaign was circulating around Shoes, Clothing, Underwear, Socks both for Men and Women.

The result of the Campaign during these 16 days saw:
CPCs and Clicks Behaviour:

  • The CPC was more or less Flat except on DEC 1 when it went extremely high to be US$ 0.29. It was those high value clicks were bought with very few clicks before the Campaign was stopped.
  • The clicks went extremely high during the launch approximately spending nearly US$ 3000 per day. The CPC was acceptable between 9 to 10 Cents.

CTRs - Dropped due to more spending:
  • Notice CTR fell down which gives a message that fresh Ads were very interesting for the users once the campaign was launched but as period passed by it became stale and it fell around 0.12%.
 Please see below the co-relation between the CPC and CTRs along with the Impression and CTRs.
AS the impression grew the CTR fell and while the fell in CTR was being recorded it saw increase in CPC.

The strategy seems to reflect a very aggressive marketing over few days to capture enough visit to meet the KPI. In general it is better to lose the money within a short span of time and than concentrate over optimizing the effort to target on the products which could be sold and there is demand for the product in the market.

Note: The above information are meant for instructional purpose and it could vary depending on the criteria and type of Ads being served.

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